High bay light-High temperature resistance with external power supply

This High bay light can be used in 100℃ temperature

lemark High bay light (High Temperature resistance) high bay light is very efficient and environmentally friendly. It is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass, the light weight design makes it easy to install. Moreover, this lighting decided with external power supply, suitable for Europe/American market.

high bay light is perfect for warehouses and factories. With its lightweight design and interactive cooling system, it consumes less energy and is more practical. With the Fall Protection design, it can be used in areas with falling objects, and also has a high temperature resistant coating.

Additional information




125lm / w

Input Voltage


IP Level



10000lm, 15000lm, 5000lm

Operating Temperature

-20℃ – 100℃


120w, 40w, 60w

Weight (kg)

1.5, 1.8, 3.6


1 Year



Installation Method

Bracket Type

Beam Angle



Φ230*236mm, Φ258*236mm, Φ350*246mm

LED Power

HLG-120H-C, HLG-185H-C, HLG-60H-C

Product Details

This high bay light is a excellent choice for illumination of industrial plants, construction sites, warehouses, outdoor lighting, street lighting and parking lot lighting. With its light weight aluminum alloy shell and high efficiency light-emitting diode (LED), lemark High Bay Light is not only easy to install and maintain but also environmentally friendly, long lasting and energy saving. Lightweight design, High efficiency, High quality. The high bay light with stable performance and long lifespan makes the best choice for indoor and outdoor lighting. The high bay light has the characteristics of strong output, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be widely used in warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, factory, court, part and so on.

emark high bay light is a kind of luminous source which is widely used in factory, exhibition room, warehouse, supermarket etc. It can replace the traditional HID lamps. Lemark lighting has advanced technology and unique design. It can ensure high efficiency, long lifespan and easy maintenance. Lemark high bay light could save 70% power consumption when compare with traditional HID lamp. It will bring you economic benefits when using it in your commercial application.


  1. High efficiency, high power luminous intensity(125m / w),is higher than other similar product of the market;
  2. High efficiency, high power luminous intensity(15000lm) ,is higher than other similar product of the market;
  3. IP65 waterproof level,can stand rain and hale directly
  4. Lightweight design makes its transportation convenient;
  5. The lamp body is made of Aluminum alloy which is stable in quality and reasonable in price
  6. Materials: aluminum alloy and tempered glass
  7. 1 years warranty

This product can be used to light up and provide high illumination in the top of the building. It is easy to installation, and without any special height requirement. This product can be customized according to customer’s request.

Design efficiency and quality through the world, lemark high bay light is awarded as a green solutioin. lemark company insists on the principle of “people oriented, customer first”,and strives to provide customers with efficient and high-quality products and services.

Product Certification

High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification

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