LED High Bay lighting Portable Working Lamp

This High bay lighting with various installation way and so on.

Working Lamp is the new energy saving product which with the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, various installation way and portable. It is suitable for many occasions such as warehouse, workshop, garage etc.

Lemark is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED High bay light, High bay light with waterproof function,

Additional information


2700k, 4000k, 6500k


150lm / w

Input Voltage


IP Level



12000lm, 15000lm, 21000lm

Operating Temperature



100w, 140w, 80w

Weight (kg)



3 Years



Installation Method


LED Chips




Product Details

Working lamp High Bay Light is designed for applications

in large open areas, including warehouses, factories and sports arenas. The light-weight aluminum structure is galvanized to protect the product from corrosion. The light has built-in LED driver, providing high efficiency and saving up to 80% of electricity consumption. It is easy to install with various installation ways, such as ceiling suspension or wall mounting.


Lemark high bay light, with the innovative design of 2 in 1, has the waterproof function of IP65. It is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor installations. The unique appearance, light efficiency and long lifespan make it a good choice for businessmen.

This product has many advantages including high efficiency, good quality, various installation ways, portable, and the most important of all is that one light can save more energy than one traditional light.


This product is an ideal light for commercial and industrial settings that require a lot of lighting. It’s a great source to illuminate large spaces, which is a very important aspect for a business lemark’s high bay light is perfect for warehouses and factories. With its lightweight design and interactive cooling system, it consumes less energy and is more practical. With the Fall Protection design, it can be used in areas with falling objects, and also has a high temperature resistant coating.

  1. High efficiency, high power luminous intensity(150lm / w),is higher than other similar product of the market;
  2. High efficiency, high power luminous intensity(21000lm) ,is higher than other similar product of the market;
  3. IP65 waterproof level,can stand rain and hale directly
  4. Lightweight design makes its transportation convenient;
  5. The lamp body is made of Aluminum alloy which is stable in quality and reasonable in price
  6. Bulit in driver
  7. 3 years warranty

This product can be used to light up and provide high illumination in the top of the building. It is easy to installation, and without any special height requirement. This product can be customized according to customer’s request.

Design efficiency and quality through the world, lemark high bay light is awarded as a green solutioin. lemark company insists on the principle of “people oriented, customer first” and strives to provide customers with efficient and high-quality products and services.

Product Certification

High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification

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