LED Tri-proof light

Lemark’s LED Tri-proof light is one of the most durable lights in the world. The IP65 rated light is completely dust resistant and water resistant up to IP65 standards. It can withstand harsh environments, chemicals, salt spray, wind, rain, snow and much more. This makes it perfect for outdoor use or anywhere that an unprotected light will not survive. The lamp also features a very smart lightning protection system that reach 6k. The lamp has 2 levels of lighting output: standby mode (20%), normal mode (100%)

Additional information




120lm / w

Input Voltage


IP Level



2400lm, 6000lm

Operating Temperature

-30℃- 50℃


20w, 50w


3 Years



Beam Angle



1250*120*45.5mm, 600*120*45.5mm

Product Details

LED tri-proof lights are made by deigners, tested by engineers and manufactured in our factory to create a product that is effective, safe and aesthetically pleasing. The lights provide 2 levels of lighting: standby, Use the half power when you need extra light but don’t want to fully power up the LED fixture.

Suitable for work, home and outdoor activities. The long lifespan of this product makes it is environmental protective. It has the feature of waterproof, shockproof and explosion-proof. This can be used in emergency situations or power failures.

Due to the diversification of outdoor lighting market, users are more and more concerned about their safety. Especially, it is caused by the increasing number of lighting products without the certification of qualified laboratory. To solve this problem, lemark designed LED tri-proof light–making changes on conventional design principle. The use of lightning protection kv6 can prevent harm during thunderstorm or lighting; standby lighting 20% can help user save energy; ip65 waterproof specification can ensure people’s safety in heavy rains or flooding.

It is easy to installation, and without any special height requirement. This product can be customized according to customer’s request.

Design efficiency and quality through the world, lemark high bay light is awarded as a green solutioin. lemark company insists on the principle of “people oriented, customer first”,and strives to provide customers with efficient and high-quality products and services.

Product Certification

High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification

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