Waterproof LED Tube

Lemark waterproof LED Tubes with IP65 waterproof function, the light beam angle is 120º-360º adjustable. The 3kv lightning protection standard can prevent accident of electric shock, it is widely applied to the exterior wall of the hotel, school, hospital, park and other public places

With a focus on quality and performance, LEMARK’s LED tubes are a world-class product. We have a vast range of products which are suitable for the outdoor as well as the indoor market, along with having a wide variety of beam angles to suit your needs. These products can be used in various installations such as: underground parking, tunnels, parks and shopping malls

Additional information


2700k, 5000K, 6500k


120lm / w, 150lm / w

Input Voltage


IP Level



2200lm, 4950lm

Operating Temperature



20w, 45w


3 Years



Beam Angle

120º, 360º


∅51*1200mm, ∅51*600mm

Product Details

in this world,we have a lot of LED light .But we often find that the light is not bright enough.We will change a new LED light ,but it is not enough. Therefore ,we need to install a lightning protection device. Here comes LE-mark waterproof LED tube with Ip65,Ligthing protection 3kv,Beam angle 120º-360º.This product can be used in outdoor lighting and indoor lighting .It will give you better lighting effect than the normal LED tube.

lemark is a professional manufacturer for LED lighting products, with the most competitive price in the market. lemark waterproof LED tube is suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting, especially applies to the construction of the balcony, parking lot, landscape project. This waterproof LED energy saving lamp can be widely used in many places such as villas, factories , restaurants ,and so on.

It is easy to installation, and without any special height requirement. This product can be customized according to customer’s request.

Design efficiency and quality through the world, lemark high bay light is awarded as a green solutioin. lemark company insists on the principle of “people oriented, customer first”,and strives to provide customers with efficient and high-quality products and services.

Product Certification

High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification
High Bay Light certification

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